2021 arrived and it will be a very special year: the year of the Jacobeo!

A Holy Year or Jacobeo (also referred to as Xacobeo or Jubilee Year) is when July 25th, Saint James’ Day, falls on a Sunday. It is possible to obtain plenary indulgence in Holy Years, the full forgiveness of one’s sins, by completing a few specific actions. However, as plenary indulgence can be granted on any day of a Holy Year,you don’t have to be in Santiago de Compostela on Saint James’s Day.

Walking the Camino de Santiago is a life changing experience for many people, and doing so in a year of the Jacobeo will, naturally, bear even more significance.

Besides the spiritual experience, the Portuguese Camino is also a delight to the senses of any traveller, whether in its Coastal or Central variant. Both routes start in Porto and unite in Redondela and you can select from one of our walking or cycling itineraries, so you’re spoilt for choice.

Acknowledging what each itinerary has to offer will help you decide what kind of experience you want to have on the first part of the Camino. Nevertheless, you can rest assured that history-rich towns and cities, spectacular landscapes and delectable food and wine can be expected along the way on both routes.

If you want to make your Holy Year even more memorable, why not walk to the end of the world after you leave Santiago? We’re talking about Finisterre, a place with less crowds and its own allure, which the ancients believed to be the end of the world.

Our team takes care of all the tedious tiresome aspects of your travel so that you can focus on truly enjoying your trip: this includes luggage transfers, lodging reservations and in-person briefings, along with all the documentation needed as well as 24/7 support.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the current Holy Year has been extended to 2022. And because we take your safety very seriously our company has been granted the “Clean & Safe” certificate, which is issued by the Portuguese Tourist Board concerning the compliance with a series of measures developed in response to the pandemic.

Holy Years always mean crowds and the next Jacobeo will only happen in 2027, so book now to make sure you have the best possible experience. Make this Holy Year a time to remember! Check out our options in https://waytosantiago.com/


Our tireless team is available to help all those who wish to discover the Camino de Santiago in a calm and comfortable way.

We wait for you in the Camino!